Affiliate Marketing – Why You Must Master Copywriting In Your Business

Copywriting is one of the skills you need in your affiliate marketing business. I consider it one of my strengths and practise it everyday because I know it’s vital to my business. And it should be to yours too.

Copywriting doesn’t only mean writing sales copy. It can also mean creating content like articles, short reports or even ebooks. You’ll find that content creation is one of the main activities in your business. Even writing an email is creating content of some sort!

You see, even when you writing something as simple as an email, you are trying to persuade someone usually to do something. If your email doesn’t come across right, you won’t get what you want, more often than not. So you can see how copywriting is important in this aspect.

But what you must really master is writing ad copy. Your business absolutely cannot survive without it. Sure, you can outsource your ad copy. But from what I have seen, some of the rates are some of the highest in the industry. In fact, sometimes you will pay more for ad copy then you do for some fancy graphics.

Whether it’s writing copy for your online classified ad, writing an email to your subscribers or writing a full-blown sales letter, you must learn copywriting. Invest in a few books or online courses and learn how to write copy that persuades and sells. Copywriting is a form of persuasion and psychology. Selling online is really all about human psychology, master this and you can create copy that is irresistible and sells a truckload of your products.

A Lesson In Marketing From The Art Of War

In his classic book on tactics, Sun Tzu states, “Victorious
warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated
warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” A powerful
concept, that is just as applicable to building your

Most marketers that fail are floating around like a ship
with no clear-cut course, while those that are successful
spend time planning their strategy before launching their
campaign. Their sales are guaranteed before they place
their first ad.

They understand that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

So what steps are necessary to guarantee your success?

1. Find a hot market with money to spend. Then determine
what product will satisfy their wants, needs and desires.
That’s the exact opposite of what the vast majority of
businesses do.

They create or acquire a product and then look for a
market. Many times they either can’t find a ready market or
their market can’t afford the product.

2. They have their weapons in place.

* Follow up autoresponders

* A newsletter or blog

* JV partners

* Affiliates

* A direct response web page

* A list of places to advertise

a. PPC’s

b. Ezines

c. Etc.

3. They have a backend up sell in place.

They’ve covered a many bases as possible. They know that
the sale is made, before the product is created. They have
their route plotted out and it’s just a matter of launching
their campaign.

Don’t be another casualty. Spend time planning and you’ll
join the ranks of 5% who succeed online.

Wishing You Success,

John Colanzi